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      Binding Agent Spreader, Cement Spreader

      This binding agent spreader is used to spread cement for cold recycling roads and spread stabilized soil adhesives for roadbeds. These spreading vehicles can also be used to spread cement, lime powder, fly ash and other materials.

      Features of Binding Agent Spreader
      1. The binding agent spreader can be fed either through a feed port or a man hole.
      2. The spreading process is automatically controlled, and a change in the vehicle's speed will not change the spreading volume.
      3. This binding agent spreader uses a bag filter and cover to avoid the spreading of dust, making it environmentally friendly.
      4. The rotation speed of the feedings crew, discharging screw and spreading roller can all be controlled, guaranteeing the spreading volume.
      5. Only one vehicle driver is needed for the spreading process.
      6. A powder silo and discharging silo are both equipped with an alarm device, which will be armed either when the silos are full or lack material.
      7. Construction parameters can be shown and saved for later use.
      8. The spreading width of our binding agent spreader is either 2500mm, 1670mm, and 835 mm.

      Technical Parameters of Binding Agent Spreader
      Chassis ZZ1257N4647D1
      Engine D10.34-40
      Rated power (kW) 249/1900
      Wheelbase (mm) 4600+1350
      Maximum spreading width (mm) 2500
      Spreading density (Kg/m2) 5--40
      Spreading tank volume(m3) 16
      Working speed (km/h) 2.38
      Dimension (mm) 9020x2500x3950