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      Bitumen Transportation Truck

      Brief Introduction
      LMT5312GLQW bitumen transportation truck is a high-tech product newly developed by our company based on the needs for transporting large volume of asphalt and the lessons learned from similar products. This tank is equipped with bitumen transportation truck and high-power burner to realize the long distance transport of all types of asphalt with large capacity. The asphalt transport tank adopts unique heat preservation maintenance structure and is made of high effective thermal insulation materials.

      All the working devices including the asphalt pump are driven by the hydraulic system with safe and reliable performance. LMT5312GLQW bitumen transportation truck features easy operation, fast operation speed and high levels of S&T content and is an ideal tool for asphalt transportation.

      Model LMT5312GLQW
      Overall Dimension (L/W/H mm) 11700×2496×3563
      Tank Capacity (m3) 15.5
      Chassis Model ZZ1317N4667C
      Tire Specification 12.00-20
      Approach /Departure Angle 16°/15°
      Engine Rating/Rotation Speed (kw/r/min) 247/2200
      Fuel Type Diesel
      Seating Capacity (including the driver) 2
      Top Speed (km/h) 90
      Complete Vehicle Weight (kg) 16550
      Rated Load (kg) 14320
      Max. Flow of Asphalt Pump (L/min) 450
      Max. Pressure of Hydraulic System (MPa) 20

      Construction Case

      Metong's asphalt transport tank trailer in Angola