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      Environmental Multi-function Asphalt Mixing Plant

      (1) Versatility: With the multi-functional connector, the asphalt mixing plant can be equipped with environmental protection facilities, hot recycling equipment, cold recycling equipment and other equipment, and process colored asphalt and various additives. It can be slightly retrofitted and become a two-in-one mixing plant for bituminous mixture and cement concrete.
      (2) Economy: The high-precision measurement ensures the lowest production cost. The most advanced burner minimizes the fuel consumption. A large number of maintenance-free structures and parts reduce the maintenance cost for the user.
      (3) Reliability: The advanced technology and the high-level configuration ensure a stable and reliable running.
      (4) Modular structure design: The plant can move quickly to another site. It facilitates the transportation, the installation and the commissioning.
      (5) Safety and comfort: The space structure is designed according to ergonomic design. The asphalt mixing plant is nice, comfortable and convenient, while safe and reliable.

      Technical Parameters
      Model DLB2000 BLB3000 BLB4000
      Rated productivity(t/h) 160 240 320
      Total installed capacity(KW) 380 570 734
      Fuel consumption ≤6.0 (standard condition)
      Capacity of finished product silo (t) 60 120 160
      Dust emission concentration ≤20mg/Nm3, Ringelmann emittance≤ Class I
      Measuring accuracy Static Aggregate: ±0.3% Powder: ±0.2% Asphalt: ±0.15%
      Dynamic Aggregate: ±1.5% Powder: ±1.0% Asphalt: ±1.0%
      Bitumen-aggregate ratio ≤±0.1%
      Asphalt tank quantity 2×50000L 3×50000L 4×50000L
      Heavy oil tank quantity 1×30000L 1×50000L 1×50000L
      Diesel tank 1×12000L 1×12000L 1×12000L
      Thermal oil boiler 600,000 kilocalorie 800,000 kilocalories 800,000 kilocalories
      Suggestion for Selection of Transformers and Main Cables
      Model DLB2000 DLB3000 DLB4000
      Total installed capacity 380KW 570KW 734KW
      Max. power of a single machine 110KW 160KW 185KW
      Transformer ≥500kV/A ≥630kV/A ≥800kV/A
      Voltage of power supply 380V±5%
      Frequency of power supply 50±0.1Hz
      Transmission system Three-phase four –wire system
      Wire diameter of cable 2×(3×150+35)copper core cable 2×(3×185+50)copper core cable 2×(3×240+70)copper core cable
      Cable length The distance between the power distribution cabinet of the transformer and the power switchgear of the control room. The protector must be equipped for the incoming; the total length of incoming cable should not exceed 300 meters.
      Ground resistance ≤4Ω
      Ground connection TM-S neutral-to-case connection
      Lightning arrester Apply to local meterological department for installation according to local climatic conditions and national standards to the local meteorological department

      Note: For the mixing plant equipped with coal burner as its main burner, the power should be 1 level higher (for example, DLB3000 coal burner should be configured according to DLB4000)
      Remark: The main cable must be copper cable in accordance with the national standard. If the aluminum cable is used, the wire diameter should be increased. For underground laying, armored cable should be chosen and the protective measures should be carried out.