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      Asphalt Melting Equipment

      DJT4 and DJT3 asphalt melting equipment developed by our company uses conduction oil as heating medium to heat, melt, dump and dewater asphalt through heating coil and conduction oil boiler exhaust gas residual heat. The equipment can ensure asphalt heating quality, and features high thermal efficiency, quick asphalt dumping, low labor intensity and less pollution.

      Main Technical Parameters of Asphalt Melting Equipment
      Item Parameter
      Model DJT4
      Productivity (t/h) (Ambient Temperature ≥25℃) 3~4
      Asphalt Temperature (℃) 130-160
      The Quantity of buckets loaded in one Number of drums per vehicle 20
      Asphalt Storage Capacity ( m3 ) 12
      Thermal Conduction Oil Boiler (KW) 470
      Operating Temperature of Thermal Conduction Oil (℃) 210-240
      Outline Dimensions of Conduction Oil Boiler (L×W×H)(mm) 6000×2200×2500
      Asphalt Pump Model: YCB-25 Power: 7.5 KW Flow: 25m3/h
      Trolley Walking Speed 10.4 m/min
      Total Capacity of Electric Equipment (KW) < 30
      Total Weight (t) 16
      Outline Dimension of Main Machine (L×W×H) (mm) 8200×2200×2500
      Demand for Conduction Oil (L) About 2000