About Metong

Zhejiang Metong Road Construction Machinery Company is a China-based company, specializing in manufacturing road construction equipment, road maintenance truck, bitumen plant, and related road equipment. Our main products include micro-surfacing equipment, asphalt distributor, asphalt tank trailer, hot mix asphalt transport truck, rubber asphalt plant and emulsion bitumen plant. Our machinery is widely used in road construction and maintenance for highway, municipal construction, airports, bridges and channels. More ?

Main Products
    1. Slurry Seal /Micro-surfacing Paver Micro Surfacing : Micro Surfacing specially designed to maintain the existing pavement and repair the wheel-path ruts etc. Slurry Seal & Micro-Surfacing is a king of cold mixing and paving equipment. Materials are modified emulsion, aggregate, water, and other additives, properly proportioned, mixed and paved on an existing road which will be repaired.
    1. Fiber Asphalt Chip Sealer (4 in 1) Fiber Chip Sealing Distributors and Equipment designed to synchronously spraying asphalt / bitumen, fiber, and aggregate. Chip Sealing Distributors and Equipment technology suitable to the construction and maintenance of the all grade roads. It’s using computer controlling system for setting the sprayer value to ensure the quality of the materials onto the road construction.
    1. Asphalt Distributor Bitumen sprayer was specially designed to spray different kinds of asphalt hot asphalt, asphalt emulsion, SBS modified asphalt, rubber asphalt, etc. It’s using computer controlling system for setting the sprayer value to ensure the quality of the asphalt onto the road construction.
    1. Binding Agent Spreader Cement spreader is designed for spreading cement and powder materials in the process of road reconstruction under cold-recycling technology, as well as spreading various soil stabilizing binders and other power materials. Cement spreader not only used for road cold in-place recycling but also a special equipment for soil stabilization, can be used widely in road and municipal construction works.
    1. Environmental Multi-function Asphalt Mixing Plant Near 20 years experience on asphalt related machines and based on site experience and cooperation with European technology, our designed Asphalt batch plant is kind of environment plant, very popular for construction and maintenance work of high grade road, airport etc. With high efficiency, stability.
    1. Emulsion Asphalt Plant Emulsion plant was designed to produce emulsion bitumen and modified emulsion bitumen. We have the capacity of 6t/h and 10t/h with manual control type and Semi-automatic control type, which could meet different kind of site requirement.
    1. Rubber Asphalt Plant This plant was designed to produce crumb rubber modified bitumen (asphalt rubber-AR). We are the first and the only one factory cooperated with USA technology. We are now have container frame type and mobile type, with the capacity from 10t/h to 30 t/h. Specially suitable for different projects requirement.
    1. MTG15 Modified Asphalt Equipment This plant is specially designed to produce Polymer modified asphalt (such as SBS, EVA, PE) . The production process is adopted PLC automatic control system. It’s used for improving the quality of asphalt pavement, as SBS polymer bitumen used more and more for road construction.
    1. Asphalt Melting Equipment This equipment was specially designed to melt drummed asphalt. We have different design and capacity 2t/h to 8t/h meet project requirement. It is mainly composed of Main Body, Hot Oil Heater, Asphalt Pump and Filtering System, bitumen storage tanker.
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